Do more


Are you already doing a lot to reduce your impact on people and planet? When you look through our menu of Do Actions, are you thinking “yep, tick, done!” to them all? The first thing to say is: you’re awesome and - on behalf of the planet and everything on it - thank you. (Seriously!) The second thing to say is... I’m afraid there’s no time to rest on your laurels!

The biggest - and possibly most rewarding - impact you can have is through influencing others. As an inspiring example of action, you are really well placed to spread the ripple of change throughout your workplace, school, or community. And we’re here to help.

Make the pledge to raise pledges, inspiring those around you to take action. Do Nation can provide you with the tools to make it easy for both you and your friends to have a positive impact. Find out how.


As you know, our current lifestyles aren’t sustainable. If everyone were to live like we do in the UK, we’d need three planets to support us1. And with our global population growing to over 11bn by the end of the century, the challenge is ever increasing2.

While technical solutions, government policy and business will play an important role in building a sustainable tomorrow (think renewable energy, circular economy, and smart cities), none of them area silver bullet.

To see the change we long for, we need to make changes ourselves.

Most people are keen and willing to make small changes - they just need a nudge and a bit of guidance. That’s where we come in: you give people the motivation to make a pledge, and we’ll help them turn it into action. And these actions really do add up to make a big difference.


1. Create your own campaign and share it with your contacts, asking them to support it with a pledge or two.

While the general message of a Do Nation campaign is always “the planet needs your action more than it needs your cash, so please make a pledge to do something” - the hook you use to grab people’s attention and motivate them to pledge can be absolutely anything: taking part in The Great North Run, running an office Green Week, asking for pledges instead of gifts - see how others are using Do Nation.

If you create your own campaign, you’ll be able to customise it and see the impact clock up nicely. Get started here.

2. Support an existing campaign, whether it’s part of your workplace programme or a charity campaign, by asking your friends to make some pledges towards it. Simple.

3. Promote a specific Do Action such as Fantastic un-plastic or Well oiled, by sharing the link to the specific Do Action page. We are also creating a series of posters for each of the Do Actions - download our Do Action posters here.